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Bẫy hơi phao tự do J3SXS
  • Bẫy hơi phao tự do J3SXS

  • Giá: Liên hệ
  • Mã sản phẩm: J3SXS

• Max. Operating Pressure: 1.4 MPaG
• Max. Operating Temperature: 220℃
• X-element Automatic Air Venting
• Discharge Capacity: 60 - 600 kg/h
• Body: Cast Stainless Steel
• For rubber vulcanizers


Benefits and Features

Improved Efficiency of Heating Equipment

The float (free float) rises and sinks as the flow of condensate fluctuates, opening the valve to discharge condensate and closing off the valve when steam enters.

The built-in X-element functions as an air vent, discharging both cool and hot air. As a result, the steam chamber inside the equipment contains only steam, which allows the equipment to achieve optimized heating performance.

Long Service Life, Excellent Durability

The high precision spherical float rotates, allowing its entire surface to function as valve sealing surfaces and thus ensuring long service life.

Bodies of J3S-X, J5S-X models are constructed of stainless steel for increased durability.

Protects Equipment

The X-element is designed to fail open, so the valve remains open even in the event of failure (fail open design).

Application Areas

Especially suitable for steam processes.

Main Applications

Heat exchangers, reactor kettles, vulcanizing pans, jacketed kettles, roller heat exchangers, cylinder dryers, etc.

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